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“Since coming across Jazz Drummer’s Resource I have found the site incredibly useful and Justin himself very helpful. It’s easy to dip in and out and look at different subjects as and when one chooses. Jazz Drummer’s Resource would be useful to drummers of any age, expertise and style”.
-Colin L., Bristol, England
“I’m so happy to have found your material to look through for new ideas. It is a place for inspiration when I don’t have local musicians around to jam with. When I want a new focus or technique or fun vocabulary there’s a video for it on the site. I’ve watched some of the lessons numerous times and found something new in each viewing. Also, it’s nice that you have an easy going attitude and present yourself well with articulation and you seem like a really friendly guy! Thanks again and looking forward to keep on using your site!”
-Adam W., Boulder, Colorado, U.S.
“Thanks to you, since I’ve been a member of Jazz Drummer’s Resource, I have made great progress and I can now call myself a Jazz Drummer.”
-Sylvain, J., Montreal, Canada